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About Elizabeth

“We all deserve great hair. I’ll help you find yours!” -Elizabeth ūüôā

I have done much and learned much, and I am still, always, learning. No one can ever know it all! My journey to this place was long, and perhaps I will share it with you one day. 

For now, I will tell you that I am a spiritual person with a great faith in the LORD and a very compassionate heart for all people.

I know first hand that feeling good about your hair is important. It may not be the most important thing, but it is a priority for many, and I can help you with this. Whether you have hair loss, hair loss from chemo and cancer treatments, or, perhaps you wear wigs for religious reasons, I can help. Even if you want to wear wigs just for the fun and convenience of it, I understand. I am willing and able to assist you with any one, or all of the above, reasons.