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Maya, by Envy Wigs Review

Maya, by Envy Wigs and Hair Add-Ons is finally here, and this wig is gorgeous! Maya is from Alan Eaton’s Spring 2018 line. I was rocking this long, beach waved beauty, yesterday. She has a lace front for a natural looking hairline so hair can be worn off the forehead. The cap is very comfortable and has a mono-top.

Wigs Are All About You!

“Number 12 Looks Just Like You” is an episode of the old American television series, The Twilight Zone. It is set in a bizarre dystopian future where everyone,¬†upon reaching young adulthood, has their body surgically altered into one of a set of attractive models.Sometimes, I think of this creepy show when I see the wigs and their names. Did you know the wigs have names? They do. However, at Elizabeth Jesse Wigs, we are not setting out to make you a number 12, or even a lovely, long-haired “Veronica.” Nope, nope, nope! My goal is to help you feel like YOU.

Finding Your Signature Wig

Finding a wig that looks and feels like you can be challenging. This is truth, but finding a wig that you can wear every day and feel totally natural in, is definitely possible. How to find a wig that will become your signature wig using hair length and your natural color as starting points. Tips for getting it right. 

Wigs and Your Best Colors

In 2014, I flew out to California for several days to attend color training, at Image and Color Institute International. In the training, I learned how to find a persons best personal colors, for wardrobe and cosmetic purchasing. My colors are in the photo, here. When...

Taking Your Wig Measurements

People look at me and say I have a small head. This is not so, in wig speak. I actually have a 22.5 inch head circumference, when I measure with a tape measure. This puts me on the boarder of needing an average to large size wig cap. I will explain how to measure your...

Finding Your First Wig, Step One

One of the reasons I began my wig shop, was that I wanted to make finding your best hair easier for you than it was for me! For whatever reason you decide to wear a wig, there are pitfalls to avoid and ways to go about it that will make you a happy and successful wig...

Tara by Envy Wig Review

Oh, my goodness! I just LOVE this hair! This is from the ENVY line. It is called TARA, and the color is Ginger Cream. I have two more of these in my store in sparkling champagne and medium brown, and I can get this in any of the ENVY colors for you, quickly!...